Welcome to the website of the Welsh Bowls Federation (WBF)

Browse through the site, and increase your knowledge of Welsh Bowls.

We hope you like the opening “Bowling Green Splash Page” of our new site. You will have noticed the words entered on the “Green”, and that they may have certain significance.

These watch words from the Welsh Bowls Development Plan seem also to describe the objectives of the Welsh Bowls Federation. If they are seen as all embracing it is because we see our wonderful game as – “Bowls for All”.

The WBF is for all who are already involved in Bowls in Wales, and also for introducing more people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to enjoy the game’s qualities and benefits.

Whether you wish to compete at whatever level, represent your country, or just enjoy the game socially, BOWLS IS FOR YOU.

Please enjoy the Welsh Bowls Federation Website, one for all of us to participate in, and contribute to the future progress and success of Bowls in Wales.

How Bowls Clubs Can Take Advantage of Cashback Credit Cards

Finding a cashback credit card  will allow you to earn money as you spend on your bowls club.

The more you buy with your cashback card, the more you get back

Cashback cards can be brilliant but ONLY when used correctly

Super savvy shoppers buy things using a cashback site, a voucher AND then pay for them with a cashback credit card earning a TREBLE bonus!

A good cashback card:

  • Has a 1% cashback rate AFTER its introductory bonus offer
  • Has a low annual fee, if any
  • Has no cap on the amount you can earn from cashback
  • Has an APR of less than 20%

What Bowls Clubs Need To Know

Cashback credit cards have some golden rules. According to Michael Hass of No Hassle Mobile Phones, a former city financier turned bad credit mobile phone specialist, you should know the following:

  • NEVER ever withdraw cash using a cashback credit card
  • Cashback credit cards make their money the minute we pay interest.
  • ALWAYS pay these credit cards off IN FULL every month. Set up a direct debit and stay disciplined.
  • Cashback cards are not for people with debt. Interest rates are high and you should always clear existing debt first. DO NOT use as a balance transfer card
  • Many cashback credit cards charge an annual fee ranging from about £20 all the way up to £100! If you do a lot of spending on a credit card and are likely to make more than the cost of the fee, then it is still worth it.
  • Cashback credit cards sometimes cap the level of cashback you can take. You should particularly watch this with cards that have a bonus rate as you want to make EVERY purchase count
  • Some cards offer different cashback rates for different types of spending.
  • For example, you might earn 1% cashback if you use your card in a supermarket and 3% for spending at a petrol station. Pick one that suits your spending pattern.
  • Cashback is often paid back to you annually and usually knocked off the balance of the credit card rather than in cash

4 Rules For Credit Cards

  • Don’t use your credit card to withdraw cash unless you have to. Your credit card is VERY likely to have a high interest rate on any cash that you take out which you will start getting charged from the moment you withdraw it.
  • There is also likely to be a withdrawal fee (we’ve only found a couple with no fees at all). These rates won’t be affected by another deal you might have
  • Look out for annual fees. The fees tend to be charged so you can access higher rates of cashback, airmiles or similar. If you’re not getting a superb deal that makes up for the fee then the cards are not worth applying for
  • Be careful! A lot of 0% or low interest credit cards will automatically set your direct debit amount very low each month so that at the end of the interest free period you end up with a large outstanding balance
  • If you don’t make the minimum monthly repayment then you may lose your deal.