Why Bowls ?

Welsh Bowls Federation Development Plan

The 1st April 2007 saw the start of a 4 year Welsh Bowls Development Plan incorporating the earlier “Junior Development Programme” (Linking Clubs with Schools), and the Pilot “Adult Recruitment Drive” (which proved successful in 2005), with participant clubs guided by the WBF Model Programme Document in both cases.

The successful Launch of the Plan took place at Swansea BC on 8th June, where the Club Owner travelled down from Hereford to take part (This wonderful lady nipped down on train & taxi, and is only 100 years young! Thankfully she was blessed with one of our few “gloriously sunny days”).

The first bowls season of the Plan has seen –

  • The acceptance into the Plan of all 79 Clubs that applied in the first wave (62 outdoor & 17 indoor). Most Plan Clubs have both Ladies’ & Men’s Sections, with Clubs choosing to take on either the Junior Programme, Adult Recruitment Drive, or both
  • In the Junior Programme, 47 Clubs successfully linked with 96 schools all over Wales. (This would have been greater in number but some Clubs were unable to hold any school-time sessions due to the atrocious weather).
  • Widespread advertising of the Adult Recruitment Drive has ensured great recognition of the Scheme in many areas.
  • The appointment of 10 County/ Area Co-ordinators & 9 Community Hub Officers to cover a National Network based on 10 Areas, and servicing all National Governing Bodies (NGBs).
  • Close links have been established with Local Authority Sports Development Departments in each Area.
  • Numerous Open Days held in Plan Clubs, and many who attended have become Club members.
  • Outstanding activity figures* were obtained in both elements of the Plan despite the all important period of June & July being almost totally washed out by the heavy rain, and even flooding of greens.
  • *Over 2000 people (1700 Schoolchildren and over 300 Adults) tried the Bowls Taster Sessions, with a substantial number making many repeat visits to the Clubs throughout the outdoor season, and press cuttings confirm the widespread activity across many areas.
  • Competition opportunities provided by Plan Clubs include:
    – Within Groups
    – Inter Class/ Inter School
    – Area Junior Leagues
    – Club Representation (with many Clubs seeking to include new members as quickly as possible)
    – Prizes/ Trophies already provided in number of Areas by Club Officers/ Local Business (& remain on offer for next year).
  • Publicity has triggered media interest – watch this space, or even your TV in the weeks to come!
  • Expressions of interest have already been received from Clubs wishing to join the Plan next year, including from one Club which recently reformed.
  • The number of Club Coaches in Plan Clubs has increased following the national trend across Wales enabling structured coaching to be available to all in the Plan from Taster/ Open Days onwards.
  • The Indoor Programme (17 Clubs) is up and running, and promises a similarly welcome outcome as the Outdoor Programme (Renovations permitting!).

The Officers of the Welsh Bowls Federation would like to thank all who worked so hard to make the Plan such a success in its first season, in spite of the elements’ worst efforts. Long may such work continue.

Club Secretaries (General)

If you are impressed by the above and wish to have advice about –

  • Your Club Joining the Plan (or introducing similar activities)
  • Qualifying to become a Club Coach
  • Increasing the number of Qualified Coaches in your Club
  • Securing Grant Aid for developing Club Activities/ Facilities, then …